All About Our Formulas

Our Herbal Creatures formulations are aimed at achieving optimal animal health, naturally. Formulated by our chief herbalist and founder, Dr Simon Feeney, our products are targeted, pure, and highly tested for both quality and potency.


We take high quality, whole raw herbs, and grind them to a fine powder. There are zero excipients, zero adulterants, and zero compromise. Our individual ingredients have been carefully sourced, correctly identified and gently dried. Purity is at the root of our company ethos.


Our Australian Certified Organic and AAA Grade Premium ingredients are independently tested for pesticides and adulterants. The Herbal Creatures product range is based on traditional herbal formulas that have been tried and tested for millennia. We are committed to ensuring your furry friend gets the best.


Our formulations target the key health issues facing animal lovers nurturing their furry friends. Liaising with veterinarians, we ensured that our products support modern veterinarian medicine. As animal lovers, we are all in this together.


We are committed to providing exceptional quality herbs to help you nurture you animals naturally.