Natural Health For Your Pet

As a pet owner, finding the right balance of health and wellness for your furry friend is always a challenge. At Herbal Creatures our goal is to help our customers to nurture their animals, naturally.


Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years to aid in the treatment of every day ailments, for both humans and their pets. The Herbal Creatures product range is based on those traditional herbal formulas that that have been tried, tested, and developed for success, over millennia. We want nothing more than for your pet to shine, from the inside out.


We are committed to working with veterinarians to target the key health areas where herbal medicine can play an effective role. Natural heath treatments reduce the possibility of nasty side effects and improves the long term health and wellbeing of our furry friends.


At Herbal Creatures, we are all about giving back to our furry friends. Natural health offers an alternative and complimentary option for optimising our pet’s health and wellbeing.